Censorious school board thugs are trying to silence concerned parents

Parents had a wide range of criticism for the Durham District School Board as it discussed a contentious bylaw that could severely limit free speech.

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You may recall that we recently paid a visit to the Durham District School Board — one of the worst school boards in Ontario — and believe me, that’s saying something.

The DDSB is so awful because it is mostly staffed by ideologues and censorious thugs. How censorious? Well, if they don’t like a parent’s question, they silence the microphone. If they don’t care for what the parents are saying in the gallery, they stop the livestream. And as Lincoln Jay and I found out on Monday, this board does not allow the media to record its proceedings. Here, check out the reception we received from security.

What control freaks! The most contentious bylaw to be voted on last Monday was 5.3.15.

If passed, this would severely limit parental free speech when asking questions. Thus, the board might determine a parent’s query to be in violation of human rights legislation vis-a-vis sexual orientation or gender identification, and thus, the query would not be permitted. Now, the good news is that this proposed bylaw was not ratified last Monday; the bad news is that it might still get passed in the months ahead. Like I said, this board is stacked with control freaks who absolutely hate concerned parents — you know, the beleaguered taxpayers who pay their salaries.

In any event, we did obtain four video clips regarding what happened at the DDSB on Monday. And again, the contempt this board has for parents is shocking.

First up, Trish Conlin had a query. Because it offended the sensibilities of Donna Edwards, par for the course, Conlin was silenced — and frog marched out of the building by security.

Next up: Jessica Wilkins asks a question about the new dress code, which is to say there are no standards any more at the DDSB. Gee, maybe they are trying to recruit Busty Lemieux from Halton District?

In any event, Superintendent Gary Crossdale says the old dress codes were too “moralistic” and the DDSB must meet obligations not to be harmful to certain groups. What groups? Maybe the groups that like to parade completely naked in June to express their “pride”?

Next up was a gentleman named Noor. He was concerned that the aforementioned bylaw 5.3.15 will severely limit free speech. The board’s legal eagle actually defended the censorship based on — you guessed it — human rights legislation and a legal precedent.

Finally, Mario was concerned by a race-based program designed to assist struggling black students. Mario asked why should such a worthwhile program be limited to one race? Why can’t it be extended to all struggling students? Why not create a level playing field for everyone?

But no. Superintendent of Education Margaret Lazarus essentially stated this is an inclusive program… even though it excludes most students.


Naturally, there were fully armed police officers at the meeting, ready and willing to arrest those parents who did not bend the knee to the security guards, aka, the Thought Police.

And I don’t mean to be rude here, but when is Stephen Lecce, Ontario's spineless minister of education, going to have the courage to do something about these rogue, out of control school boards?

Or is Lecce fine with control freak school board trustees promoting a woke agenda while treating parents like petulant children or even criminals? It sure looks that way to me...

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