Child trafficking victim gives her opinion on 'Cuties'

Did you know that in 2016, appropriately “40.3 million people were victimized worldwide through modern-day slavery? That’s quite the epidemic when you think about it, and out of those 40.3 million people, 72 per cent were women and young girls.

I think most of us know that human trafficking is real, but do we really grasp just how close to home it can be?

To help bring light on this subject, I interviewed human trafficking survivor, Jessa Dillow Crisp. Jessa bravely shared her story about being enslaved and trafficked throughout her childhood, and then again as a young adult.

It’s so important to raise awareness about signs of human trafficking that may otherwise be easily overlooked, and Jessa told me about some “red flags” that parents and teachers should watch for.

I’m thankful to Jessa for committing to help others who also faced what she did.