Chris Sky lands on Canada's No-Fly List

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Recently, Chris Sky, the Toronto anti-lockdown activist (or “common nuisance” in some circles) went to Pearson International Airport to hop aboard a Flair Airlines flight to Alberta, where he was scheduled to speak at a few rallies.

But it turned out that Sky wouldn’t be flying the friendly skies on that day — or any other day in the future, it would seem. That’s because an airline representative with Flair Airlines informed Sky that he was on Canada’s no-fly list!

Sky was understandably stunned. The no-fly list is meant to prevent terrorists from flying. How could it possibly be that an anti-lockdown activist is included in such a list?

But alas, no answers were forthcoming. We reached out to Public Safety Canada, which is responsible for the no-fly list, also known as the Passenger Protect Program (PPP), but we never received a reply to our queries — which is standard procedure these days.

Had we received a reply, no doubt the ministry would have said that it cannot comment due to “privacy issues.” That’s how the uber-transparent Trudeau Liberals roll these days when it comes to media relations…

Yet, surely the unspoken reason for Sky being on the no-fly list is that he espouses politically incorrect ideas. He questions authority. He asks insensitive questions. And that is apparently verboten in Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

On the flip side, we have a homegrown bona fide terrorist and murderer residing in Canada these days, who goes by the name of Omar Khadr. He’s the delightful scholar who tossed a grenade, killing one U.S. serviceman and partially blinding another. Khadr himself confessed to this odious act, and he is a member of a gross family that despises Canada and its values.

We were led to believe that Khadr was on the no-fly list, but it turns out he isn’t! Last year, we caught him hopping aboard an Air Canada flight to Halifax. (Surely he flew first class, given that taxpayer cheque he received in the sum of $10.5 million for hurt feelings…)

And so it is this is the so-called “new normal” in our great, albeit diminishing, Dominion: an Islamist terrorist guilty of murder can fly anytime and anywhere he wants. A crusader for freedom who merely speaks out against debilitating government lockdowns in the name of the Wuhan virus is deemed to be an enemy of the state.

Does it get any more despicable than that?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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