Church Under Fire: Canada's War on Christianity

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The latest groundbreaking Rebel News documentary dives deep into the challenges faced by Christian communities in Justin Trudeau's Canada.

After months of dedicated research, passionate interviews, and immersive storytelling, Rebel News proudly presents the highly anticipated film that brings to light the untold stories and struggles faced by those fighting for religious freedom in Canada.

Watch as Rebel News Editor In Chief, Sheila Gunn Reid, conducts candid and in-depth interviews with religious leaders and exposes the issues that are silenced or ignored by mainstream media.

In this powerful documentary, we examine the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on religious freedom. We uncover the unsettling truth about banning religious services during Trudeau's lockdowns and highlight those brave individuals who stood up against such mandates. By capturing this unprecedented historical moment, we aim to provoke thoughtful conversations and provide insights into the complexities of the tensions between governments and religious communities in Canada.

Religious freedom is not just a concept; it is a fundamental human right at our societies' core. Unfortunately, governments increasingly target religious communities and infringe upon their civil liberties in our rapidly changing world. This documentary reveals the alarming consequences of woke ideology and progressive culture, shedding light on the growing disregard for traditions, values, and lifestyles associated with Judeo-Christian values.

"Church Under Fire: Canada's War on Christianity" stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of religious communities in the face of adversity. Join us on this compelling journey as we defend and promote religious freedom, giving a voice to those who have long been silenced and inspiring a call to action.

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