Unsilenced: Canada’s Underground Medical Rebellion

Medical professionals facing censorship gather for the Free Speech in Medicine conference in the latest RebelNews+ exclusive documentary featuring Tamara Ugolini.

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In Baddeck, Nova Scotia, the Free Speech in Medicine conference provided an unprecedented platform for medical professionals and concerned citizens to openly address contentious health issues.

The second annual conference, held in late October 2023, facilitated discussions on a wide array of topics, including COVID-19 policies, biomedical security, free speech restrictions, transgenderism, and the efficacy of harm reduction strategies.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, concerns about the stifling of debate were the motivation for the gathering, which offered a safe space for approximately 120 attendees to delve into these often stigmatized subjects.

From Oct 27–29, Rebel News had exclusive access to the conference, where keynote speakers and expert panels explored the legal, medical and psychological aspects of issues such as gender dysphoria, medically transitioning children and the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19 policies on both society and the medical field.

Our documentary, Unsilenced: Canada’s underground Medical Rebellion, highlights the events that took place over this weekend.

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