Conservative pundits mock 'pitiful' Lidia Thorpe stunt

Victorian Senator slammed after attempting to interrupt a women's rights rally in Canberra and ending up crawling away on her hands and knees 'This is so embarrassing for Australia'.

Conservative pundits mock 'pitiful' Lidia Thorpe stunt
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Lidia Thorpe looked more like a woman who had “been at the Melbourne Cup all day” than like a Federal Senator when she gate-crashed a women’s rally in Canberra, conservative pundit Alexandra Marshall has said

Marshall was just one of numerous commentators who slammed Thorpe’s behaviour which made headlines around the world.

News footage showed Thorpe being pushed to the ground by police before scurrying away on her hands and knees after she attempted to interrupt the Let Women Speak event on the lawns of Parliament House on Thursday. 

“This is not how women - or elected Senators – behave,” Marshall wrote. “This is so embarrassing for Australia.” 

Sky News Australia commentator Rita Panahi wrote that Thorpe’s antics reminded her of a “furious toddler”, and were just another example of Thorpe’s “regular bouts of profound stupidity”. 

“Thorpe crawled away on wet grass dragging an Aboriginal flag behind her in a display that managed to be at once comical and pitiful,” she said.  

Nation Senator Pauline Hanson, who attended the Let Women Speak event, said she was disgusted by Thorpe’s antics. 

“It is pathetic from a senator, and you know … this is her actions all the time – she’s trying to make a name for herself.” 

But Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney said police needed to answer for their “deeply disturbing” treatment of Thorpe. 

“My concern was for, is for, Lidia,” she said. “I hope she’s getting the support she should get.“ 

When a reporter asked if a white male senator would have been treated differently, Burney said “I have no idea”, leaving open the suggestion that Thorpe was the victim and that racism was the real issue. 



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  • By Avi Yemini

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