WATCH: Counter terrorism 'INTERCEPT' Rebel News phone call

Gagged controversial character says update on his wellbeing to independent media was blocked from jail cell

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The Youtuber known as Aussie Cossack has sensationally claimed counter terrorism police intercepted a call from his wife to Rebel News.

Simeon Boikov was released on parole last month after being jailed for breaching a suppression order after he revealed the name of an accused paedophile to his legion of online followers.

Boikov, who was deemed a threat to national security, said he was placed in a tiny prison wing reserved for terrorists and murderers.

“They slapped a national security risk designation designed for the most dangerous prisoners on me,” he said. “I’m in there for saying a name!”

Boikov said he wanted to get a message to me about the way he was being treated in prison.

He said he called his wife and told her “get a message out to Rebel news”. “I said it in a cryptic way.”

He said the next morning he was visited in prison by counter terrorism officers who said they had “intercepted a message from your wife to Avi Yemini of Rebel News”.

“This is direct proof that the government is deploying counter terrorism tactics, resources and legislation against journalists,” he said.

He said he was charged with passing an unauthorised message to a third party.

Boikov said that when he pleaded guilty to breaching a suppression order he never expected to be jailed for 10 months.

“No-one expected me to receive such a massive sentence for it. I did say the name of an alleged paedophile. I can’t talk about what was the context … I know this person. I know victims.

“When I’m walking through the jail and there are other prisoners looking at me – murderers - and I’m in there for saying a name.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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