Coutts trucker trial: Search warrant under scrutiny while details remain under wraps

Publication ban limits reporting as two of the remaining 'Coutts Four' appear at a court hearing in Lethbridge.

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Pre-trial hearings for two of the four men who were charged at the Coutts border blockade two years ago, resumed at the courthouse in Lethbridge, Alberta.

The four men were detained on serious charges linked back to the Coutts border blockade in February 2022, an action that occurred as the Freedom Convoy protest was happening in Ottawa.

Earlier this month, two of the men were released after reaching plea deals on lesser charges with Crown prosecutors.

The latest proceedings, which commenced around 9.30am on Tuesday, February 20th, focused on the scrutiny of search warrants executed against the accused. These warrants, pivotal to the case, were challenged for their validity and execution.

The hearings, lasting until approximately 3.30pm with a lunch break, delved into the intricacies of the Information to Obtain (ITO) – the document used to secure search warrants.

Both the defence and prosecution scrutinized whether the police had provided sufficient evidence to justify the warrants, emphasizing the importance of fairness and transparency in the legal process.

While details of the proceedings were compelling, a publication ban limited the disclosure of information, highlighting the challenges faced by journalists in reporting on sensitive legal matters.

However, Rebel News has remained vigilant, attending the trial to provide coverage despite the restrictions.

Rebel News is crowdfunding the remaining legal fees of one of the men still detained, Chris Carbert. You can learn more about his story, or how you can help, at

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