The pandemic caused thousands of people to leave Ontario

Alberta continues to be a top destination for Canadians moving within the country, especially those being priced out of the housing market in provinces like Ontario.

The pandemic caused thousands of people to leave Ontario
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It seems that Alberta continues to lure in workers from other provinces, one of the major ones being Ontario. Statistics are also showing that even without Alberta's temptations, many Ontario residents left during the disastrous time of the COVID pandemic.

Ontario's lockdowns caused a lot of problems for residents — house prices skyrocketed, businesses shut down, there were unscientific public health mandates, and people simply wanted to leave.

According to an article posted by the Calgary Herald in June:

Numbers released by the national agency this week show a net gain of 5,351 people to Alberta via interprovincial migration from January to March of this year, a number that leads Canada. 

During that first quarter, 21,980 people moved to Alberta from elsewhere in Canada, compared to 16,629 people leaving for another province or territory. 

An article by BlogTO also pointed out that the housing market during the pandemic drove people in Ontario away: 

Ontario is now the top province from which people emigrate within Canada, with most leaving for Alberta, where homes and life in general are notably cheaper.

New StatsCan numbers analyzed by Better Dwelling show that in the first quarter of 2022, Alberta, B.C. and Nova Scotia saw the largest net inflow of people, while Ontario saw the biggest losses by a longshot with a net outflow of more than double Alberta's net inflow — 11,566 lost from Ontario vs. 5.351 gained in Alberta.

This is compared to only 2,229 lost from Manitoba and 1,358 from Saskatchewan, the next two on the list.

We lost almost two times more people during the first few months of this year than last year, marking a hugely accelerating trend of residents leaving for greener pastures — the only province in Canada with such a pattern.

Alberta ran ads this summer where Premier Jason Kenney encouraged workers to come to Alberta, but the fact is, thousands of Ontario residents left. Chances are it's because of the high increase in house prices, but did the COVID mandates play a role in those decisions too?

In a CBC article, experts say that Ontario still offers more job variety due to higher population in areas like the GTA, but Alberta's employment also increased:

Despite that shortage, the province says it has still seen the largest employment growth in the country so far in 2022. Between December 2021 and August 2022, employment in Alberta increased by 61,700 compared with an increase of 28,600 in Ontario, despite it having a larger population.

The way things are headed, it seems that Alberta may become number one for migration within Canada.

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