“Cubicle dwelling” bureaucrats “making decisions for cowboys” Sheila Gunn Reid on lockdowns

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Alberta recently saw a rodeo held as a protest to the province's tough COVID-19 lockdown measures. The event was well attended, both by freedom-loving Albertans and law enforcement.

An opportunity to cover a protest that doubled as a rodeo was almost too good to be true for Alberta-based Rebel News Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid.

Sheila joined Ezra Levant on yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to talk about covering the rodeo, what the fallout from the event was and how Premier Jason Kenney's reaction is fuelling more division among those likely to support the province's United Conservative Party.

Speaking about a recent story featured in the Western Standard where Premier Kenney declared that he wanted a “new base” of voters, Sheila told Ezra:

Who's he going to replace them [his current base] with? NDPers? Dyed in the wool NDPers? University students? I mean, the Liberal Party does not exist in Alberta. So, you have to draw from the NDP well of public sector unionists, students and academics.

How does Jason Kenney think that he can expand his base to consume those people. It just doesn't work. I mean, cowboys, ranchers, rig hands, blue collar people, rural people. Those are the reliable Conservative base.

Jason Kenney has so annoyed them that they are protesting against him now. And in the instance of Chris Scott [owner of the Whistle Stop Cafe] they're willing to go to jail to protest him. I don't see how Jason Kenney hangs onto power without making peace with these people, apologizing to them. But my concern is that he's running out of runway before the next election to make it right.

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