Doctor doubts validity of COVID vaccines | Interview with Dr. Mark Trozzi (part 2)

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For our first, off the record, interview with Dr. Trozzi, click here.

For part one of this interview discussing the PCR test with Dr. Trozzi, click here.

For part three of this interview discussing hydroxychloroquine with Dr. Trozzi, click here.

In part two of my interview with Dr. Mark Trozzi, the doctor notes that he has huge concerns regarding the various COVID-19 vaccines that are now being dispensed the world over.

Indeed, in our tell-all interview, Dr. Trozzi rhetorically asks: “Why would I take a potentially dangerous experimental injection for a non-fatal illness?”

Dr. Trozzi also goes on to give a detailed scientific explanation as to why the COVID-19 vaccines are not being delivered as advertised.

It should be noted that Dr. Trozzi is giving us these valuable insights at considerable potential professional risk.

A year ago, we interviewed Dr. Trozzi about virus concerns, but we blurred his image and distorted his voice at his request, so that he would not be professionally disciplined. He now feels that he needs to put a name to his opinions, taking on the minions of cancel culture while doing so.

Make sure to check out part one of our interview, in which we discuss the problems with the PCR test for COVID-19.

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  • By David Menzies

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