Eco-radical thugs have hijacked Canada: Thousands of jobs and businesses at risk while Trudeau fiddles

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Anti-oil protests are putting thousands of Canadian jobs at risk and the Trudeau Liberals are ready to negotiate with the lawless mob holding the country for ransom.

The protests, raging in opposition to the TC Energy’s Coastal Gaslink Pipeline and Frontier’s Teck mine and every other thing the professional grievance mob finds annoying, are labeled “indigenous” by the mainstream media. However, all the elected band councils affected by both projects are in favour of them, signing long term business agreements with TC and Teck.

Critical infrastructure is being damaged, highways are being cut off, government buildings are being shut down and blockades of rail lines have caused freight and passenger train cancellations, nationwide.

According to CBC:

“CN Rail and VIA rail are shutting down huge sections of the railway networks as indigenous blockades continue to cripple their country's transportation systems. VIA rail is temporarily ending most passenger services nationwide, expanding an earlier work stoppage that restricted train cancellations in the Toronto -Ottawa- Montreal corridor.

“The railway operator said the shutdown will affect the entire network east of Toronto which may result in temporary layoffs of CN workers. Teamsters Canada, the union which represents over 16,000 workers in the rail industry, said Friday the shutdown could lead to roughly 6000 layoffs.”

You know lefty radicals have gone too far when they have lost the Teamsters Union.

But it’s not just rail employees getting hit in the pocket by the work stoppages. Farmers using rail for shipping crops are being hammered by delays and are facing losing long term export contracts as the blockades go on. The forestry industry is worried about coming layoffs and contract losses too, and Eastern Canada is staring down the barrel of a propane shortage.

Instead of ordering new paddy wagons for the RCMP to round up the protesters, mitigate the damage to the Canadian economy, and protect 7,000 Teck jobs, 2,500 Coastal Gas Link jobs, and 6,000 Teamsters, Trudeau is offering to negotiate with the blockaders.

Maybe Trudeau should just pretend these are Bombardier jobs or SNC Lavalin jobs.

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  • By Lincoln Jay

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