Edmonton is DESTROYING river valley to build $30 MILLION solar farm

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So how bad is Edmonton’s mayor and at least half of the city council? Bad enough to make me sound like a tree hugger.

I don’t like solar energy. Let’s just get that out of the way. Why? Because everything the environmental movement tells us about solar is a ridiculous lie.

They say solar is clean and green, right? Except for the fact the panels contain toxic elements mined in atrocious and unsafe ways in far-flung places like China by people paid a pittance for the health risks they face.

This is from the Yale School of Environment:

“Rare earth mining done near uranium deposits has also led to radioactive material clinging to the elements in some areas, according to Xiang Huang, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo in Canada, who studied the environmental and health impacts from rare earth mining while earning his PhD at Beijing University.

“The end impact,” Huang said, “could be on the central nervous system, cancers like bone cancer, skin cancer, and cardiovascular and respiratory issues.”

And what about the damage the placement of the panels themselves do to the environment?

Case in point, that new solar farm in Edmonton that will be built in the River Valley, owned by the city-owned power and water utility EPCOR.

The EL Smith solar farm, consisting of 45,000 solar panels placed on 54 acres of land, was approved in a 7-6 vote by the city council 2 weeks ago. It’s meant to power the EPCOR-owned EL Smith Water treatment facility — but even that’s not entirely true.

The project allegedly “advances Edmonton's Energy Transition Strategy goal of producing 10 per cent of electricity locally without any requirement for new funding”... except ratepayers did fund it.

And how much much power will these things produce? Enough to power the water treatment facility forever? Not quite. The panels will only provide about 20 per cent of the water treatment plant’s power.

How do I know? Because that’s how it went in Medicine Hat in 2019.

WATCH the video to find out the full story.

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