Election protest in New York City: Police show “incredible” power to maintain peace

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The fallout from the US Presidential Election is reaching a fever pitch — and it's not even because of the result. We don't have one. And that seems to be turning into the new problem.

Tensions are rising across the country, with protesters taking to the streets to demonstrate against whatever result they feel is impending. There are also a lot of detractors causing trouble, blocking traffic, and closing in on ballot stations.

Rebel News sent me to the US to cover the election protest fallout, and so far I've been to Washington and New York. Today, I'm in Philadelphia, where the convention centre that holds the ballot counters has been flanked by pro-Trump and pro-Biden protests for days.

There's even been a bomb threat on the building thwarted by the FBI.

But before I hit the streets of Philadelphia, I decided to recap what happened in New York City. It was a wild night filled with police. And more police. And even more police.

Fortunately, I didn't get arrested this time in New York! But I witnessed an incredible show of power by the NYPD as they tried to maintain control of the city.

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