Evidence points towards lab leak | COVID-19 origins with Gordon G. Chang

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Once criticized as a conspiracy theory, with each passing day the suggestion that COVID-19 somehow escaped from a lab in China is becoming more and more mainstream idea. The shift in public opinion has even caused Facebook, which once censored posts about the theory, to reverse course.

On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by author and China analyst Gordon G. Chang to examine the shifting narrative surrounding the lab leak origin story for COVID-19.

Gordon told Ezra the discussion around COVID's origins has started to change, particularly following the Chinese Communist Party's defensive response to the World Health Organization's investigation into the initial outbreak:

The national conversation has changed so much in the last couple weeks and it's really hard to say why, but I think just the weight of evidence now points to a lab leak. Part of it is the World Health Organization mission to Wuhan in January and February — it was evident that Beijing did its best to prevent the WHO from learning anything, especially those 174 patient cases that the WHO investigators thought could actually lead to the origin of the disease.

Well, Beijing just stiffed them. And so, you do this long enough and eventually people start to figure it out — that yeah, Beijing has something to hide, and it must be the lab.

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