EXCLUSIVE: Documents reveal Guilbeault lied about 'analysis' behind 'no more roads' comment

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said he 'misspoke' when he said the Trudeau Liberals wouldn't fund new roads in Canada. Except, as Sheila Gunn Reid reports, he didn't misspeak — he just made it all up.

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Remember when Canada's environment minister said he had done an "analysis" and determined that Canada doesn't need any more roads? We asked for that analysis. What do you think we found? Hint: it was a Liberal speaking misinformation.

It was mid-February when Steven Guilbeault, our well-travelled climate minister, said this exact quote at a Liberal fundraiser:

Our government has made the decision to stop investing in new road infrastructure. Of course we will continue to be there for cities, provinces and territories to maintain the existing network, but there will be no more envelopes from the federal government to enlarge the road network.

The analysis we have done is that the network is perfectly adequate to respond to the needs we have. And thanks to a mix of investment in active and public transit, and in territorial planning and densification, we can very well achieve our goals of economic, social and human development without more enlargement of the road network.

Analysis? What analysis? We'll get to that in a second. The kooky comments garnered well-deserved outrage and mockery across the board. Even Liberal mainstream media journalists got in on the action.

Trudeau was so rattled by the comments that he tried to claim credit for roads built by the Harper government seven years before his election in 2015.

And Guilbeault dodged accountability, refusing to appear before the House of Commons transport committee to explain how he concluded that the world's second-largest country by land mass with our sparse population doesn't need road infrastructure.

Guillebault tried to pretend that he didn't say exactly what he said.

And then he had to admit he misspoke:

But did he misspeak? Really? Or did he flat-out lie, especially about having the data to support his claims? We went digging, thanks to your donations to our paper trail accountability fund at www.RebelInvestigates.com.

Here's what we asked for:

Provide a copy of the analysis referenced by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change regarding Canada’s road networks:

• The analysis we have done is that the “network is perfectly adequate to respond to the needs we have.”

And we referenced the Toronto Sun article to be extra clear. Here's what we got back:

After a thorough search, no records were found concerning this request.

If we sent a request for records on Guilbeault's brain or his integrity, no records would be found either. He didn't misspeak — Guilbault made it all up. He peddled misinformation, he just didn't think he would get caught.

Click here to see the documents for yourself:

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