Exclusive: In-depth interview with UCP leadership hopeful Brian Jean

The race for the leadership of the United Conservative Party is in full swing and Brian Jean has quickly emerged as a front running candidate.

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Brian Jean played a central role in the unification of the conservative political movement in Alberta, but he eventually lost out in the 2017 UCP leadership race to the soon to be former Premier, Jason Kenney.

You’ll likely recall that Brian Jean stepped in as leader of the Wildrose Party after Danielle Smith crossed the floor 2014, in what she now describes as a botched attempt to unite conservatives.

In our extensive conversation we discussed the failed COVID-19 response by Jason Kenney, putting an end to ongoing prosecution extending from lockdowns and mandates and the political entitlement that has seemingly permeated the UCP, from health officials reaping massive bonuses to an absolute void of accountability.

We also talked about the immeasurable harm of Trudeau’s legacy to Alberta, ongoing attacks on Western farmers, ranchers and industries, and how to get a fair deal for a province that has been so badly used and abused by the federal government for so long.

Finally, Jean and I discussed his plan to defeat Rachel Notley and become Alberta’s next Premier should he win the leadership race.

You can also watch our exclusive long-form interviews with Danielle Smith here, and Todd Loewen here, and stay tuned for more one-on-ones coming soon.

To catch all of our extensive UCP leadership coverage and more extensive interviews like this one be sure to check in regularly at UCPLeadership.com.

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