EXPOSED: NYT editor invited to WEF pressed by Avi Yemini

Can mainstream media outlets be trusted to cover the World Economic Forum when their deputy managing editor is invited as a guest?

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The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting kicks off today in Davos, Switzerland, where the 1% of the 1% will be discussing how the earth's seven billion other inhabitants should live. The Forum doesn’t come without controversy, though from within Davos their hypocrisy isn’t widely reported, and it's not only the mainstream media to blame for that.

To attend the WEF's gathering requires an invite, with additional fees on top of that, and passes range in cost from $26,000 to $600,000. This prevents independent media from getting inside the events. Although the WEF doesn’t hide their agenda, they must not want to be held accountable live on camera.

To learn more about the WEF and its plan for a global reset of the economy, please visit The first episode of Rebel News' docuseries on The Great Reset released this past Friday.

What do we do know, is that the mainstream media won't be holding the WEF attendees accountable, in fact most defend the forum. Since independent media can't get inside to hold the WEF to account, that doesn’t mean we can't point the camera back at them.

“How are people meant to rely on the mainstream media?” Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini asked New York Times deputy managing editor Rebecca Blumenstien, an invited guest of the WEF.

It’s a fair question — millions of people who still rely on mainstream media are being fed a false narrative; bugs are good for you, you’ll own nothing and be happy.

It’s a good thing independent media is on the ground, even if it's outside of the WEF's meetings. We will be there all week to bring you the other side of the story.

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