Exposed: Transgender shop teacher with massive fake breasts confronted outside mall

'Those Z Cups are surely more fake than a stack of $3 bills,' said guest host David Menzies.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies discussed his recent encounter outside of a mall with transgender shop teacher Kayla Lemieux.

Despite claiming his absurdly large breasts are natural, Lemieux was exposed by Menzies as he was not wearing the prosthetic breasts during the chance encounter outside Mapleview mall in Burlington, Ontario.

As stated by Menzies, "He hated being exposed like that, which is why I am now blocked on his Twitter feed by the way. But those Z Cups are surely more fake than a stack of $3 bills."

"Or maybe Lemieux had those boobs amputated, in which case he has certainly made a remarkably quick recovery. He's a modern medical miracle no matter how you slice it, isn't he."

Menzies went on to say, "So now that the jig is up, that Lemieux has been exposed as a fraduster, what is Oakville Trafalgar Principal Meredith Cammisuli she/her going to do about this? Alas, Ms. Cammisuli she/her is AWOL at the moment. She's on leave, apparently her school turning into an international laughingstock was too much for this woke principal to endure."

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