Extinction Rebellion activists' appeal backfires as court deals extended jail terms

Two notorious Extinction Rebellion activists have found themselves with longer jail terms following an unsuccessful appeal against their original sentences for disrupting Melbourne's West Gate Bridge.

Extinction Rebellion activists' appeal backfires as court deals extended jail terms
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In a legal twist, Deanna 'Violet' Coco, 33, and Bradley Homewood, 51, bombed in their legal battle as the County Court of Victoria decided to extend their jail terms to two months each.

This decision came during their appeal hearing against the initial 21-day sentences imposed on them for their involvement in the disruptive protest on March 5.

Judge David Sexton criticised their actions as "deliberate" and "flagrant" obstruction of public order, particularly emphasising the hindrance caused to emergency services. He stated:

"Your sustained obstruction of emergency workers was not appropriate and must be denounced."

During the protest, which saw the activists blockading Melbourne's West Gate Bridge during rush hour, numerous disruptions occurred, including a pregnant woman going into labour and further delays to emergency responses.

Prosecutors revealed that the protest delayed 16 emergency responses, with evidence presented of Coco and Homewood's criminal histories and ongoing radical activism.

Meanwhile, Homewood, currently in custody, has served two weeks of his extended sentence. Prosecutors highlighted the activists' frequent appearances in court, underscoring their persistent engagement in radical activism.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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