Facebook's fact-checking chief caught colluding on Australian referendum

The director overseeing Facebook's fact-checking program has been embroiled in a scandal that shaped perception during Australia's Voice to Parliament referendum.

Facebook's fact-checking chief caught colluding on Australian referendum
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The integrity of Facebook's fact-checking system has been called into question as revelations emerge of collusion during Australia's Voice to Parliament referendum.

Angie Holan, the director responsible for overseeing Mark Zuckerberg's 'misinformation' program, has been implicated in secret emails obtained by Sky News.

These emails reportedly show collusion with a disgraced operation that suppressed journalism during the referendum.

Holan's role as the head of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), which certifies Facebook fact-checkers, has come under scrutiny.

Despite promises of impartiality and thorough investigations, the emails reveal a different reality. It is claimed Holan's organisation failed to launch an investigation into RMIT fact-checkers, despite public promises and instead cleared them of wrongdoing behind closed doors.

The scandal extends beyond Australia, as it raises questions about the integrity of Facebook's fact-checking program globally. Despite Zuckerberg's assurances of independent fact-checking, the emails suggest a compromised system.

Fact-checkers, including RMIT FactLab, were found to have expired credentials but continued to operate without repercussions.

Holan's involvement in censorship during the COVID-19 pandemic adds another layer to the controversy. Her aggressive approach to combating 'misinformation' raises concerns about bias within the fact-checking process.

The scandal underscores the need for accountability in Facebook's fact-checking program. As the platform's algorithms shape public discourse, transparency and impartiality are crucial.

The revelations highlight the potential for manipulation and censorship within Facebook's ecosystem, posing significant challenges to free and open democratic processes.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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