Fallout continues over Bombers logo change saga

AFL supporters express anger over potential woke logo change, questioning cultural sensitivity in the sport.

Fallout continues over Bombers logo change saga
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AFL fans are outraged after news that Essendon was thinking about ditching it’s famous Bombers logo because some people might find a fighter jet offensive.

The club floated the idea earlier this week in the media and immediately received a savage reaction.

Club legend Matthew Lloyd used his television platform to say he would be “very disappointed” if club administrators made the change.

“Have we got to that point that such a great logo, a tradition of the Essendon Football Club (might go) because it might upset the odd person or two that we would (potentially) lose something so special with our football club?” he asked

“I hope it stays.”

Former NBA basketballer Andrew Bogurt slammed the idea, tweeting: “The AFL is gone! What a joke!”

He said that if Essendon were going to go Woke then other clubs needed to follow suit.

He suggested that Collingwood should ditch the Magpie logo because “they swoop causing injuries”, Port Adelaide should stop being called “Power” because it promoted “toxic masculinity” and GWS should change their Giants moniker so as not to belittle small people.

Essendon has had the Bomber logo since the 1940s but recently announced a research project to get feedback about its suitability in current culture.

The club was keen to know if the wartime aircraft was considered inappropriate in the 21st century.

Essendon fans dismissed the research as a waste of time and money.

The Bombers have not won an AFL premiership in more than 20 years and haven’t won a final of any kind since 2024.

“Funds should be focused on winning a final,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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