“Female is not an identity”: Woman fired for questioning trans ideology

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Recently, activists gathered outside the Grand Valley Institution, a federal female prison in Kitchener, Ont. The reason: incredibly, male prisoners can now serve their sentences in female prisons if these men simply say they “identify” as female. It’s a disgraceful and dangerous prison policy that was green-lit by our fake feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau four years ago, for reasons that are beyond comprehension.

In any event, at the Kitchener protest, we happened upon Vanessa Vokey.

Years ago, this articulate young lady would’ve been championed as a feminist. These days, thanks to radical transgender activists and their slanderous misinformation campaigns, Vanessa is endlessly attacked.

For example, she lost her job at a coffee shop for merely posting her online support for British author J.K. Rowling (apparently, this was an act of “intolerance,” according to radical trans activists who pressured Vanessa’s boss — successfully — to axe her).

Vanessa has also been deplatformed on various social media outlets that don’t care for her t-shirts that champion real biological women — apparently this is an egregious sin when it comes to the usual uber-woke suspects.

Check out our interview with Ms. Vokey (and check out her wonderfully wicked song about men pretending to be women in order to serve their sentences in female prisons). And ask yourself: is this an “intolerant” person — or the voice of reason?

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