Protest outside Kitchener prison demands change to policy allowing biological men in women’s prisons

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On Saturday, activists gathered outside the Grand Valley Institution, a federal female prison, in Kitchener, Ont. The reason: incredibly and inexplicably, male prisoners can now serve their sentences in female prisons!

How so? Well, a man simply has to say he “identifies” as being a female, and he’s in like Flynn. No hormone shots; no penis removal required.

And so it is that 100% biological men are serving time with 100% biological females. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with that?

Unsurprisingly, this insanity dates back to 2017, when the Justin Trudeau Liberals instituted a profound change to the female prison system — apparently based on the insane demands of those in the radical transgender community.

So it is that there are now fake women, sex offenders, pedophiles and even murderers serving their time alongside bona fide biological women.

Predictably, there have been numerous incidents of physical and sexual assaults on female inmates by male inmates. Apparently, prison guards turn a blind eye to these real crimes, but are quick to warn female inmates not to “misgender” those males pretending to be females by using such offensive pronouns as “he” and “him.” Don’t want to hurt any dude’s feelings, after all...

Disturbingly, activists note that an Access to Information request seeking data on the number of biological males in women’s federal correctional facilities was initially denied by Correctional Service Canada (CSC), citing “no records.”

This response was appealed, and CSC finally provided a transfer list which shows that seven out of eight offenders who transferred from men’s to women’s federal facilities between June 2017 and December 3, 2018 are violent offenders.

Amongst the male offenders who have been reaccommodated in women’s prisons in Canada are such dangerous offenders as Patrick Pearsall and Adam Laboucan, as well as serial pedophile Matthew Harks.

And one must wonder: could it be that these are not men identifying as transgender women, but rather violence-prone thugs who are gaming the prison system so that they can be placed closer to potential new victims?

Little wonder that demonstrators ranging from ex-convicts to activists are demanding changes to a policy that puts real women prisoners at risk.

Indeed, amongst the demonstrators outside Grand Valley Institution on Saturday was a transgendered person who was speaking out against this egregious and irresponsible prison policy allowing men to comingle with women.

And talk about a double standard: those females who transition to males (or say they identify as being male) are not allowed to transfer to a male institution. This is apparently because their safety cannot be guaranteed. Yet, CSC doesn’t seem to care about the safety of biological female prisoners when it comes to biological males being placed in female institutions.

What hypocrisy; what misogyny.

While demonstrations such as the ones last Saturday are helping raise public awareness, I would suggest that this awful and dangerous policy must be challenged in court.

One thing is for certain when it comes to this file: women do not have an ally in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s number one fake feminist; someone who apparently prefers to go to bat for male thugs gaming the prison system rather than ensuring the safety of incarcerated real women.

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  • By David Menzies

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