'The Prime Minister clearly needs to step down' says MP Kevin Vuong

Following the foreign interference commission, the independent member of Parliament said, 'The Prime Minister needs to clearly step down. He needs to follow his father and take a walk now, not in the snow, but on the beach, since he loves to surf so damn much.'

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Kevin Vuong, an independent Member of Parliament, has spoken out against what he perceives as a failure of leadership and accountability in Toronto and Ottawa at both the city level and Federal level. In a recent article published in the Toronto Sun titled "The Regressive Left Are Ripping Up the Social Contract," Vuong voiced his concerns about government responsiveness.

Vuong highlighted the essential role of government in ensuring public safety and upholding the rule of law. "Think what we've been seeing, especially in Toronto, are things where typically, you know, anyone would expect our government to take care of. Right? Enforce our laws, stand up against issues of hate, keep people safe," he remarked.

He criticized the current leadership, particularly under Olivia Chow, Mayor of Toronto, for failing to meet these expectations. "Unfortunately, especially now under the leadership of Olivia Chow, they're not seeing that right," Vuong stated.

Vuong also expressed frustration with what he described as the "regressive left," accusing them of hypocrisy and intolerance. "As much as they claim to care about diverse perspectives, as soon as someone like myself dares to challenge their position, all of a sudden they accuse me of being racist, or they accuse me of being a white supremacist," he asserted.

Turning his attention to Ottawa, Vuong addressed the issue of foreign interference in Canadian affairs. He criticized the Trudeau government for its lack of action in addressing this threat. "There are things that the Trudeau government could have done years ago," the MP emphasized.

He called for concrete measures to combat foreign interference, including the creation of a foreign agent registry and the designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group.

When asked if he believes Justin Trudeau has the moral authority to continue to lead Canada after what was unveiled in the inquiry, Vuong answered, "I think in any other country, what would have happened? Name any scandal, right? Whether it is blackface, or for how he's made so many Canadians struggle to make ends meet, we have 2 million Canadians who line up at the food bank, with a million more projected to be added this year. That's almost a tenth of the country. One in 10 Canadians have to line up at the food bank. That's a failure in any other country. The leader would then have resigned," urging Trudeau to step down.

Finally, Vuong emphasized the need for strong leadership and decisive action to address the challenges facing both Toronto and Ottawa.

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