Woke Calgary city council wants to let non-citizens vote

Ward 13 Councillor Dan McLean, one of the six councillors who voted against the motion, joins Rebel reporter Adam Soos to look at the relationship between municipalities, provinces and the federal government.

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Despite being the most disliked mayor in Calgary’s history, Jyoti Gondek and her gaggle of woke city councillors are showing zero signs of introspection as they appear dead set on voting for the most unreasonable policies they can dream up.

You may be asking yourself, how much worse can it get than voting to ban fireworks (because they are allegedly “colonialist and racist”? Or to rezone the entire city for high density housing prompting major backlash? Or to botch a massive arena deal only to sign a much worse arena deal?

Or implementing a single use bylaw that made everyone upset and is going to be repealed? Or increasing taxes nearly 8% while bringing in a surplus and giving themselves raises?

I could go on, but you likely get the idea.

Well, the latest move by city council is potentially the most asinine to date. Under Jyoti Gondek’s leadership, Calgary city council voted 9-6 in favour of advocating for non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

Yes, you heard that right, non-citizens would get to vote for Calgary’s mayor. With decisions like these, it's no wonder over 70,000 Calgarians signed a recall position demanding Gondek resign.

Rebel News was fortunate to be joined by one of the non-wacko members or city council, Dan McLean of Ward 13, to discuss this troubling development. Councillor McLean made it abundantly clear that despite this 9-6 vote by city council to advance voting for non-citizens, and he affirmed what Alberta’s Minister of Municipal Affairs Ric McIver said via X:

McLean also broke down the relationship between municipalities and provinces and explained how unlike the clearly defined separations of responsibilities between our federal and provincial governments, the municipalities are and have always been subject to provincial oversight, debunking the narrative by leftists that the provincial government is overreaching when they insert themselves into city affairs.

In reality, it is the mayors and councillors seeking to make deals with the federal government and circumventing the provinces who are overreaching.

Many believe that part of the motivations of Trudeau in bringing in record numbers of immigrants is to secure votes and extend his political career, so I asked McLean if he thinks that perhaps those municipal politicians were thinking along the same lines in their efforts to extend municipal voting rights to non-citizens.

Councillor McLean also provided an update on the city's wildly unpopular blanket rezoning plans, including details of what he has observed at the public hearings on the matter which has spanned weeks, and discussed the provinces recent reversal of a decision to stop funding of low-income transit passes.

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