Recall Gondek organizer provides final update on petition

Rebel News reporter Adam Soos speaks with Landon Johnston about his petition to recall Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek.

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Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek is the least popular mayor in Calgary’s history, and since she was elected in October of 2021 she has accrued an astounding list of missteps and blunders so long that it is frankly hard to keep track of.

Days after being elected, Gondek, despite having never campaigned on it, declared a “climate emergency” which included an $87 billion strategy to get Calgary to net zero by 2050.

In order to pay for the climate change emergency, it would seem Gondek was willing to cut corners on spending elsewhere, like police funding. Despite crime being on the rise, Calgary’s woke activist mayor hopped on board the defund the police bandwagon and things got so bad that Alberta Premier Danielle Smith eventually had to intervene.

Despite Calgarians struggling to pay their bills, Gondek also implemented a 7.8% property tax hike, all while graciously giving herself a raise to ensure she doesn’t have to tighten her belt as a result.

In addition to botching an arena deal, only to later sign off on a much worse arena deal for the city, she also attempted to ban Canada Day fireworks, suggesting that they are colonialist and racist. And as though that wasn’t enough, she also refused to attend a menorah lighting because she felt Jews supporting Israeli victims of a Hamas terror attack was too political.

Gondek also pushed a wildly unpopular and soon to be repealed single-use bylaw that left businesses in the awkward position of having to charge patrons for bags among other nuisances. Futhermore, the mayor is pushing a blanket rezoning that could see high-density housing thoughtlessly crammed into carefully planned communities.

One citizen took note of the absolute disconnect between what Jyoti Gondek was doing and what the people of Calgary wanted and decided to do something about it. Landon Johnston set out to gather signatures to hold Gondek accountable and to see her recalled.

We have been covering this story closely, and you can watch my first interview with Landon about his efforts to gather signatures by clicking here. You can also learn more about the challenges, including some Gondek’s own attacks on the recall campaign and the Recall Gondek sign vandalism that took place by clicking here.

With the April 4, 2024, deadline to gather signatures having passed we joined Landon for a final update on the total number of signatures collected, the potential for recall reform as a result of his efforts, and a prognosis on what this recall petition means for Calgary’s presumed one term mayor moving forward.

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  • By Adam Soos

PETITION: No Climate Emergency

18,337 signatures
Goal: 25,000 Signatures

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