Anti-Israel tent city pops up at UBC

Ezra Levant reports from the University of British Columbia as anti-Israel protesters have created an encampment on campus.

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I'm in Vancouver for other business and I had a meeting at the University of British Columbia today. I walked by, and one of these U.S.-style foreign funded, professionally organized pro-Hamas protest encampments has popped up in the heart of the university.

Now, final exams are over. Most of the students have vacated the university. But at the protest, there's every ragamuffin around including — I emphasize — the professional organizers.

There's a terrorist group called Samidoun  it's a pro-Palestinian terrorist group. Similar to Hamas, it's regarded as a criminal terrorist organization in other countries such as Germany.

Because Justin Trudeau is our prime minister, it's not banned here in Canada. And one of the Samidoun organizers is behind this protest. Of course there's foreign funding, of course there's professional Antifa funding. 

I tried to talk to some of the folks here, obviously as soon as they see a camera they say, 'who are you?' and they try and block it.

Just like my experience at Columbia University and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and the experience of my colleagues across the country, these folks don't really have a lot of arguments.

They're more cult members who delegate the communicating to the senior organizers. And many of them are professional haters from Antifa or whatnot.

As I was walking by, two people just on the street recognized me partly because I'm wearing a Rebel News shirt, and they came up and talked to me.

One man said, "It's just been an environment of intimidation and harassment towards anything that's not matching their views essentially. It's just been horrible, they've been harassing Jewish students, chanting intifada, revolution, calling for basically terrorist acts."

A woman on the campus said, "It's horrifying, it's anarchy, it's hateful. It's not doing good to anyone."

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