Alberta Environment Minister on single-use bylaws, plastic bans, emissions caps and EVs

We asked Minister Rebecca Schulz about Alberta's response to a Federal Court finding the Trudeau Liberals' plastic ban was unconstitutional and whether the provincial government may intervene should municipalities persist with enacting their ardently opposed single-use bylaws.

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Under the leadership of Premier Danielle Smith, the government of Alberta has been fighting a common-sense war against radical environmentalist policies that are being foisted upon Canadians.

Ideologues like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek seem immune to political pressure and widespread unpopularity, and even when the very people they are supposed to represent are struggling to make ends meet, they spend their time pushing unpopular climate tax schemes and eco-surcharges that do very little to help the environment.

One of the key figures in Alberta’s fight against this dogmatic environmentalism is the province’s Minister of Environment and Protected Areas, Rebecca Schulz. Rebel News joined Minister Schulz in Calgary to discuss her governments efforts resistance to the radical green reset.

Canada’s Federal Court recently ruled that the Trudeau Liberals' labelling of all plastics as toxic was both unconstitutional and unreasonable, a decision the federal government plans to appeal to.

Despite this ruling spelling what many hoped would be the end of these types of onerous and ineffective environmental policies in Canada, municipalities across Canada, including Calgary have instead implemented their own wildly unpopular single-use and plastic limiting bylaws. 

We asked Minister Schulz about her government’s response to the federal plastic decision and about whether the provincial government may intervene should municipalities persist with their ardently opposed single-use bylaws.

Update: Calgary council passes 8-7 vote to repeal plastic bylaw

Just after this interview was filmed Calgary’s city council narrowly passed an 8-7 vote which will see Calgary’s single-use bylaw repealed. Stay tuned for exclusive interview with Dan Mclean, one of the city councillors who led the charge against the bylaw in the coming days.

Minister Schulz also provided an update on the ongoing tensions between Alberta and Ottawa on their planned emissions cap, which would effectively limit Alberta’s production and severely harm our economy. Schulz assured us that these measures cannot and will not be implemented in Alberta.

You can watch our extensive conversation on that subject in this interview from last summer.

We also discussed what is perhaps the most ludicrous Liberal government proposal to date, the 2035 electric vehicle goal, which would end the sale of all new gas-powered vehicles banned in just over a decades time and whether that would ever come to pass in Alberta under the current government.

Finally, I asked Minister Schulz whether Canadians should be concerned that the federal government, even when directed by federal courts to change course and in the face of freefalling polls, seems utterly indifferent to the rule of law and to their responsibility to Canadians in their manic and lawless pursuit of impractical and ineffective environmental virtue signalling policies.

If you are sick and tired of global jet-setting elites telling you that could can’t drive a truck or drink through a plastic straw reject the enviro-reset by signing our petition at

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