Rumble LIVE: Free speech leaders join forces to condemn censorship

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Tonight, Rebel News and Rumble host Donald Trump Jr. to condemn Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his censorship agenda.

Live from Toronto, some of the biggest names in independent media join forces to warn Canadians of the looming threat to their Charter Rights and Freedoms.

On February 28, the Trudeau Liberals tabled Bill C-63, An Act to enact the Online Harms Act, to criminalize controversial speech.

"Hamas is a terror organization," said Donald Trump Jr. "Oh! You are not allowed to say they are terrorists in Canada," he chuckled alluding to the censorship bill.

"If I am going to get thrown in jail for calling Hamas a terror organization, please make me a martyr," added the American speaker.

Should Bill C-63 pass, people can anonymously cancel their opponents without testifying before a judge. It makes a mockery of the rule of law.

The so-called victims would be compensated up to $20,000, with stand-alone hate crimes being added to the Criminal Code. The federal government would be owed an additional $50,000.

Those who engage in 'hate speech' could face life imprisonment. In Justin Trudeau's Canada, words are dangerous and hurtful. And as long as there's a digital footprint, you are liable for your words.

Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is back, and likely to be weaponized against dissenting Canadian expression.

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