Exclusive: Alberta Environment Minister explains renewable energy pause and rejects Liberal 2035 net-zero deadline

Minister Schulz affirmed that the Alberta government would absolutely not agree to the existing 2035 net-zero terms and conditions being pushed by Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault.

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Alberta has seen a boom in the renewable energy sector. And while growth and investment are always welcome, there are some glaring issues beginning to emerge that have prompted the Alberta government to place a six-month moratorium on approvals of new renewable energy projects that produce more than one-megawatt of power. I was pleased to be joined by Minister of Environment and Protected Areas Rebecca Schulz to learn more.

At face value, pausing power production may seem counterintuitive, especially with the cost of power these days. But the issue with renewable energy like solar or wind power is that it can be fickle. On a cold, overcast and windless day when folks need to heat their homes, natural gas and coal can be fired up to meet people’s need, but the sun cannot be ordered to shine nor the winds to blow.

Rebel News asked Minister Schulz about whether Alberta has ever been close to experiencing brownouts the likes of which are increasingly common in states dependent on renewable energy. We also discussed current electric grid limitations in terms of storing renewable energy from peak production times for future use.

Minister Schulz spoke about how the growth and investments being brought into the province by renewable energy are certainly welcome, but that this six-month pause is needed to ensure that new solar or wind projects are executed in a sustainable way that provides power when we need it, and that there is a plan for reclamation and responsible environmental stewardship for project sites in the future.

She also addressed the impact that this pause may have on jobs within the province but assured Albertans that the moratorium only puts a hold on potential new projects and will not impact the jobs of those involved in projects already underway.

The NDP, in typical fashion, have been frothing at the mouth to attack the United Conservative government, but as Minister Schulz pointed out, this is a sensible and necessary step to ensure renewable energy can expand responsibly and sustainably in Alberta moving forward. Even Calgary’s progressive mayor Jyoti Gondek barked back at the NDP when they criticized the city for not opposing this pause, stating on Twitter that the pause is the path forward for a sustainable and affordable energy future.

Finally, Minister Schulz again affirmed that the Alberta government would absolutely not agree to the existing 2035 net-zero terms and conditions being pushed by federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault, who recently affirmed that 2060 was an agreeable net-zero goal for China, one of the greatest polluters on the planet, while arguing that Alberta needs to submit to the baseless and untenable 2035 federal deadline.

Global elites want to kill Alberta’s oil and gas industries and push renewable energy no matter the cost. They say they are doing it for all for the environment while they continue to suck up to the unparalleled polluters China. It simply doesn’t add up. Reject their agenda and stand up for the industries that made Alberta great and made Canada wealthy at NoGreenReset.com.

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