BLACKMAIL: Trudeau’s thugs try to cancel Rebel News conference

Our annual 'Rebel News Live' conference almost didn’t happen — because Trudeau’s staff tried to blackmail us.

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A few months ago, we signed a contract with a Toronto event venue for the conference. They were excited to have us and dedicated to freedom of speech. They even put that in their contract with us.

But the event venue is located in Downsview Park, a former military base in north Toronto. So the land underneath it is still owned by the federal government. It’s administered by a crown corporation called Canada Lands Company. That’s Trudeau’s landlord.

We thought nothing of it. But then, just over a week ago, the panicked owner of the event venue told us that the government was demanding nearly $50,000 in extra security for our event. Not only did we have to hire dozens more security guards, we had to pay money to the Toronto Police to protect us, too. Don’t our taxes already pay for the police?

It gets weirder. Trudeau’s landlord demanded that we provide barriers for hundreds of protesters they claimed were coming. As in, we had to provide security for them, too. And – bizarrely – they demanded we pay for portable toilets for those imaginary protesters, too.

And if we didn’t do these things, the event would be cancelled.

Obviously, the event venue couldn’t afford a $50,000 cost. And neither could we. And that’s the point – it wasn’t a real security concern. It was just the excuse they came up with to make it impossible for us to proceed.

Trudeau was trying to cancel our annual conference.

But then a miracle happened. Our friends at Rumble, the free speech livestreaming platform, had partnered with us to add a day on to Rebel News Live for “Rumble Live”, featuring their high-profile talent including Donald Trump Jr.

And Rumble decided that the events were important enough to proceed – so they just paid the entire bill themselves.

I was deeply touched by Rumble’s commitment to free speech. Even though I’m appalled that they were shaken down by Trudeau’s Canada Lands Company.

By the way, not a single protester came. Of course not. It was a fake threat.

Oh, there’s one more thing I should tell you – the local MP for Downsview Park is the atrocious Ya’ara Saks, the Trudeau cabinet minister who famously embraced the Palestinian terrorist, Mahmoud Abbas.

She hates Rebel News, and in fact, right in the middle of our conference, used her government Twitter account to denounce our conference as unwelcome and to tell the police to get involved. Take a look at that disgraceful comment – and the heartening public reaction to her bigotry:

It couldn’t be clearer: Trudeau and his thugs weaponized a non-partisan government agency against us because we are his political critics. They marshalled the police against us. Only the impossible generosity of Rumble allowed us to proceed.

Yet again, Trudeau and his henchmen violated our Charter rights—freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association—by trying to breach our contract with the event venue.

Imagine if they had succeeded: threatening a business operator with ruin and sending police to harass a lawful event – that’s the kind of thing they do in Communist China or Iran, not Canada.

But that’s what Trudeau’s rotting government is like in 2024.

I didn’t want to talk about this publicly until the conference was almost over – because we are still at the mercy of these thugs. In fact, security guards told me that Trudeau’s point-man, Allen Schacht, was trying to interfere with our guest parking even this morning. Hopefully they won’t shut us down in our final hours.

But now you know: the Trudeau Liberals tried to blackmail us.

I have consulted a senior law firm about fighting back. If you want to support us, please do. Please help us out – unlike the Trudeau Liberals, we can’t use taxpayer money to fight our battles. We just depend on you, our freedom-loving supporters.

There is a full-blown crime wave in Toronto these days. Trudeau’s henchmen took them off real policework to have them stand around our conference. Just so he could bill them to us.

Do you think the government has ever ordered pro-Hamas protesters to pay for security? To pay for portable toilets for their opponents? Apparently that only happens to Trudeau’s critics.

We just have to fight back against this, don’t you think?

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