No green reset! Fight back against the globalists pushing us from fossil fuels to 'green energy'

We are on a fast track to energy poverty, to people making the choice to heat or eat. So we have to act now to stop it, and I need your help to do it. 

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The world’s elites have been propagating for a long time this planetary crisis that is global warming. Or climate change. Whatever they are calling it today to fit the agenda.

Today I will show you the hypocrisy surrounding the new green energy that politicians are trying to force on us, while they are pushing an unreliable energy reset.

After decades of using gas and oil, simply put, this reliable energy is no longer to be available for us to use but is to be banished forever to reach 'net zero', of which we do not know the exact definition.

For farmers, the decrease in nitrogen and carbon emissions will directly impact their agricultural production, affecting their plate and your budget. As demand increases and the product becomes scarce, prices will rise phenomenally if the product is available at all.

We already see it with the current inflation. Eventually, you may have no other option but to eat insect-based proteins!

Our economy, our energy stability, the lives of citizens of other countries, and our life as we know it is unfortunately threatened to introduce a green movement that is not really green. If you care about the cost of food, the cost of human rights, and the future of humanity, we need to stop the next reset, the green reset.

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We need you to expose the reality of what is happening in the world. Let's expose this reset together, with your support, we will be able to go deep into the heart of this burning issue with more reports like this one that the media and the elites don't want you to see.  

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