All political parties in Saskatchewan reject Trudeau's gun control agenda

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Trudeau's gun grab is falling apart. And like so many of you, I could not be happier to see this Trudeau failure.

There is some happy news out of Saskatchewan, where so many good conservative ideas are tested first before being adopted in big, showy ways here in Alberta.

Saskatchewan had an associate minister of provincial autonomy dedicated to opposing federal overreaching. At the same time, former Alberta premier Jason Kenney was busy writing strongly-worded letters to Justin Trudeau that we now know he never read because Trudeau doesn't read anything, not even high-level security briefings.

Saskatchewan introduced its Saskatchewan First act on November 1, 2022.

That was about a month before Alberta introduced our version of similar anti-federal overreach legislation, the Sovereignty Act

Saskatchewan has also led the charge on parents' rights, introducing legislation in September of 2023 and invoking the constitutional nuclear button of the not-withstanding clause to go around activists' court challenges.

That parental rights policy is something Alberta only did in February 2024.

In 2020, in direct response to Justin Trudeau's unscientific gun grab of the 1500 models of Canadian shotguns and rifles, including the AR15, through an order in council, Alberta and Saskatchewan announced they were kicking out the federal chief firearms officers in their respective provinces and appointing their own.

Then, both provinces said they would not direct RCMP resources to confiscate the now-banned firearms from otherwise law-abiding people while Trudeau's bail policies, soft-on-crime nonsense and permissive drug laws cause societal breakdown and decay and a spike in violent crime.

Saskatchewan went one step further and put that announcement into law with the Saskatchewan Firearms Act.

The law establishes licensing requirements for businesses or individuals involved in firearms expropriation -They cannot receive money from the federal government to confiscate firearms.

Good stuff, Saskatchewan. You guys don't get enough credit for being keepers of the freedom flame. And it's not just conservatives in Saskatchewan fighting Trudeau's gun grab.

It's everyone, including the NDP.

Look at this:

"Last week in the Saskatchewan legislature, a motion was passed unanimously calling on the Federal Government to devolve all parts of The Firearms Act to the province of Saskatchewan in order to allow the province to administer and regulate legal firearms possession."

Premier Scott Moe tweeted:

"Our government remains committed to protecting the rights of law-abiding firearms owners and will continue to stand up against Bill C-21 while supporting initiatives aimed at the illegal use of firearms in our province."

So thank you, Saskatchewan, for being a pragmatic prairie petri dish that grows common-sense policies. I see you have another one we would like to adopt.

GUEST: Alexa Lavoie joins the show to discuss the antisemitic sit-in at McGill University in Montreal.


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