Trudeau reacts to allegation Poilievre called everything he says 'bulls**t'

According to an unclear CBC source, Poilievre called Trudeau a liar and said that everything the PM says is 'bulls**t' while speaking with 'Axe the Tax' protesters.

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Justin Trudeau was asked by a CBC reporter this morning his thoughts on Pierre Poilievre speaking with "Axe the Tax" protesters and reportedly calling everything the PM says "bulls**t." 

The comment cannot be heard on the clip shared on social media, making it unclear where the CBC reporter obtained their information from.

The Conservative leader was seen on video posing for photographs and chatting with protesters demonstrating against the carbon tax near the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border.

While talking to the protesters, Poilievre is heard saying, "People have had enough. They've been told to sit down and shut up and pay up for too long, and that's gonna end."

Speaking to Trudeau at a press conference, the CBC reporter asked, "Your opponent was photographed posing with anti-carbon tax protesters flying 'F Trudeau' flags. In the video Pierre Poilievre is heard saying you are a liar and everything you say is 'bulls**t', can we get your response please?"

Trudeau responded in part by attacking Poilievre for being endorsed by Alex Jones and refusing to disavow the InfoWars host's support.

The PM said Poilievre "refuses to condemn and reject the endorsement of Alex Jones. Alex Jones is a proven liar and conspiracy theorist."

Trudeau went on to allege that the Conservative leader is exacerbating "divisions, fears, and polarization" across the country.

"The fact that he continues to encourage the kind of divisive approaches to Canada that I don't think Canadians want to see, really shows that he will do anything to win, anything to torque up negativity and fear," he said.

Poilievre has made axing the carbon tax one of the primary focuses of his campaign, and has pointed to the tax as a major contributing factor to the increasing cost of living.

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