Massive duelling protests between pro- and anti-Israel supporters

Tensions have escalated as anti-Israel supporters and their radical Left allies have taken over the McGill campus by setting up an encampment. Supporters of Israel counter-protested the encampment on Thursday afternoon in front of McGill University.

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Israel supporters gathered on May 2nd in front of McGill to counter-protest the large encampment set up by anti-Israel groups since last Saturday. Jewish students have recently spoken out about the intimidation and harassment they have experienced on campus since the October 7th terror attack led by Hamas against Israel. Since the occupation of the campus by the pro-Hamas tent city, even more intimidation and antisemitic slogans have been alleged.

On the first day of the encampment, Rebel News Quebec's team was harassed and obstructed by Antifa while covering the event on the ground.

For the safety of both protests, police officers have closed off the fence at the Roddick gates to keep the two groups apart. A man from the Israeli side yelled to the anti-Israel side, "Show your faces! If you have nothing to hide, then show your face."

Some prospective students carrying concerns about the university's political tensions expressed their thoughts, saying, "As a student soon entering the university system, I don't know what to expect, but we are here today to show that we are proud."

Standing against the encampment, but also for the rights of Jewish students, someone expressed, "These people in the encampment, they're doing illegal things. They don't have the right to set up camp on McGill campus. They're standing for something wrong. They're clearly anti-Semitic."

Throughout the day, Quebec Premier François Legault announced that he had requested the SPVM to dismantle the encampment. However, police officers did not take any steps to remove any installations.

On Thursday, it was the sixth day of the encampment, and people were confused to see university students acting in favour of Hamas. "The fact that wealthy, educated people who go to a beautiful institution or a once beautiful institution called McGill are protesting on behalf of Hamas, a terrorist organization..."

As the encampment continues, Rebel News will closely follow the story. Don’t forget to support our hardworking journalism on and sign the petition if you haven’t done so yet.

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