Fewer than 5000 guns were seized at the border in 6 years

A response to an order paper question posed by Alberta Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs indicates an average of 800 illegal firearms are seized across the over 100 points of entry to Canada by border officials.

Fewer than 5000 guns were seized at the border in 6 years
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4770 firearms were seized by Canadian border guards since 2016. The data was returned as part of an inquiry of the public safety ministry.

As reported by Blacklock's Reporter, the so-called smuggled firearms are paperwork oversights:

Border seizures are 'mostly from non-compliant travelers attempting to retain their personal firearms,' typically American hunters, the Border Services Agency wrote in a Year In Review report last December 10.

The Trudeau government announced a ban on the importation, sale and transfer of handguns in Canada effective October 21, 2022.

The ban comes two and a half years after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the single largest mass shooting in Canada to announce a ban on 1500 models of Canadian long guns in May 2020.

22 people were killed, and another three were injured across 16 locations in April 2022 in rural Nova Scotia. RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki has been credibly accused of releasing the makes and models of the firearms used in the shooting to advance the Liberal gun control agenda.

To fight back against Trudeau's gun grab, please visit www.HandsOffOurGuns.ca. 

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