Film 'Lady of Heaven' dropped in cinemas due to 'blasphemy' protests

Protests have sparked in England across various cities including Bradford, Manchester, Blackburn, Lancashire and Sheffield with some Muslims demanding the film be removed from cinemas due to 'blasphemy' and claims that it would 'provoke Sunni and Shia tensions'.

Film 'Lady of Heaven' dropped in cinemas due to 'blasphemy' protests
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The film “The Lady of Heaven” follows the life story of Lady Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, which intertwines with the story of a young Iraqi orphan in the modern day.

According to the writer Sheikh Al-Habib, he has insisted that the film would have to be 100% historically accurate and in accordance with the Muslim faith.

The team took great pains to not show a holy person represented by a human. It meant no actor could actually play the role of Lady Fatima or her father the Prophet Muhammad,Al-Habib stated.

However, protests have sparked across England, with various Muslim mobs demonstrating outside of cinemas demanding the film be pulled. A number cinemas have caved to the protesters demands.

According to the Telegraph and Argus, speaking to the crowd through a megaphone, one man said: We are very offended. We have a right not to be insulted. You talk about freedom of speech but where does your freedom of speech go when it goes to criticising your policies when it goes to making a critical analysis of your version of history.

A video emerged on Twitter, where the manager of a cinema in Sheffield came out and said I am the manager of this cinema, and I am just confirming that this film is cancelled tonight and the rest of this week, and we will not be showing this film again.

Protesters began shouting “Allah Akbar” in celebration.

The Lady of Heaven has been banned in various countries such as Pakistan, Iran and Egypt.

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  • By Raheel Raza

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