Flights STILL landing in Canada from China — no temperature checks either!

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So, it was just announced that the Canadian border shall remain closed to non-essential traffic for another month. Sounds like Canada is turning into the Hermit Kingdom, eh? Until you read the fine print, that is.

Because the borders in question are the land borders between the United States and our great Dominion (we hope that mandate still includes the infamous “irregular” border that straddles the province of Quebec and New York State, but who knows?)

What has not been closed down — still — are the country’s international airports. Flights from Qatar to Pakistan are still arriving on a weekly or sometimes daily basis. And yes, that includes flights from Beijing and Shanghai as in China — as in, you know, the epicentre of the Wuhan virus.

Then again, wouldn’t want to be accused of being racist by preventing airlines arriving from China mind you...

Upon hearing the news of the Canada/U.S. border closure extension, I dropped by Pearson International Airport in Toronto. And sure enough some flights from China were indeed touching down there.

And of course, arriving passengers are sticking breezing by Customs without having their temperatures remotely taken. (How odd: the recently reopened Disneyland in Shanghai takes remote temperature readings of its attendees!)

As an odd postscript, the head honchos at the National Hockey League are now fretting that with the border closure being extended to late June, this might complicate the NHL’s plans of getting back to business given that there are seven NHL teams based in Canada.

My advice to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman: just have U.S. NHL teams fly into Canada via China. That way, they’ll be welcomed into this country, easy-peasy...

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