Forcing “Green” tech on poor nations a “crime against humanity” | Michelle Stirling joins Sheila Gunn Reid

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Michelle Stirling of Friends of Science joined Sheila Gunn Reid on this week's episode of The Gunn Show to discuss Alberta's energy sector, and many countries in the West attempting to enforce “green” technology on developing nations.

The discussion was spurred by criticism from a Calgary city councillor toward Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, following the premier's comments on intersectionality and India. Kenney had suggested that Indians would prefer to buy Albertan oil, rather than burn dung in an effort to generate power.

After Sheila commented how people in developing countries often don't have the luxury of going green, Michelle explained some of the problems when advanced Western nations try to thrust this expensive technology on places that struggle to manage the costs:

In India, where the West has tried to impose solar panels on them for instance, they built a huge solar farm there. Well it's very dusty there, it's quite a dry country in between the monsoon seasons.

So, you have to clean those solar panels off and now it turns out they're using water from an aquifer to clean off these panels but the people themselves don't have drinking water.

This is taking away from the fundamental survival of the people just to try and impose some green ideology on the poorest people of the world. It's really a crime against humanity, it's ridiculous.

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