Former Aussie PM's meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister raises alarm

Wang Yi's closed-door meeting with Paul Keating raises concerns about hostile intentions.

Former Aussie PM's meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister raises alarm
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Former Prime Minister Paul Keating's meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has sparked concerns over China's hostile intentions towards Australia, according to leading defence expert Dr Malcolm Davis.

Despite efforts by the Albanese Government to mend relations with China, Dr Davis asserted that China's decision to engage with Keating, a vocal critic of Australia's ties with the United States and the AUKUS pact, indicates a deliberate attempt to undermine Canberra.

Dr Davis labelled the meeting as a "huge propaganda victory" for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), suggesting that Keating was being exploited as a tool to further China's foreign policy objectives.

In response to criticism, former government minister Stephen Conroy echoed concerns of Chinese interference in Australian politics, drawing parallels between Keating's meeting and hypothetical scenarios of Australian officials meeting dissidents in China.

Conroy expressed disappointment at Keating's perceived decline in relevance, noting his former stature within the Labor Party and lamenting his apparent alignment with the CCP's propaganda.

Amid these developments, analysts urge Australia to remain vigilant of China's strategic ambitions in the Indo-Pacific region, emphasising the need to engage with China cautiously while safeguarding Australia's national interests and alliances.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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