'The carbon tax in Canada isn’t going to stop wildfires!’: Franco Terrazzano

Franco Terrazzano from The Taxpayers Federation joins the show to talk about how the Liberal carbon tax isn't going to prevent wildfires. 'Having a carbon tax in Canada does absolutely nothing for the environment, and Canadians are paying the price,' he said.

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Guest host David Menzies was joined by federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), Franco Terrazzano.

Former environment minister Catherine McKenna recently tweeted about climate change, calling out conservatives by saying, "We need a mandatory climate science lesson for Conservative politicians."

In response to that, David said, "What is she getting at, that those who are conservative, they're to blame for climate change and therefore for this rash of forest fires we've had this summer across Canada?”

Franco said that he hopes it's not political opportunism, and that we shouldn't be trying to take political shots when people are actually really worried about wildfires right now.

He continued by saying:

But the carbon tax in Canada isn't going to stop wildfires! I can't believe we also have to point this out.

McKenna should know this, she was the environment minister.

We've had a carbon tax in Canada for quite some time. I mean, there's still wildfires, right? Having a carbon tax in Canada does absolutely nothing for the environment. And let me tell you why. There's actually two reasons.

Number one, fueling up a minivan with gasoline, using propane on the farm to dry your grain, filling up that big rig rig with diesel or keeping your home warm or your business warm with natural gas. Those are essentials for countless Canadians. So many Canadians can't escape the punishment of a carbon tax.

People just have less money in their bank accounts for other important things, like putting their kids through university. So that's reason number one.

Reason number two is this: Canada makes up 1.5% of global emissions. So making it more expensive for someone to fuel up their sedan on the way to work or to fill up their grocery cart with ground beef or taco night does absolutely nothing to reduce emissions in places like China and Russia, in India or in the United States.

Terrazzano added that the carbon tax does absolutely nothing for the environment, and Canadians are paying the price.

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