When radical transgenderism meets full-contact sport, someone is going to get hurt

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

Tonight, David highlights the storm that has erupted surrounding the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s rugby.

The epicenter of this controversy is the Fergus Highlanders women’s rugby club, which has come under scrutiny for the inclusion of Ash Davis, a transgender player.

Videos from games appear to show Davis, previously recognized as a formidable player in men's rugby, causing injuries to opposing players. Regardless of personal opinions on Davis' inclusion, concerns over safety and fairness in the sport have arisen.

These concerns extend beyond just one team. In a game against Waterloo, some female players showcased their support for Davis by wearing trans-coloured wristbands. While this support was evident, allegations suggest that some players were coerced into showing their solidarity for Davis.

Josh Windsor, president of the Waterloo County Rugby Club, allegedly threatened repercussions for players who didn't support Davis or made comments deemed hateful.

Despite the strong emotions this issue has provoked, both online and offline, there seems to be a lack of transparent dialogue. One solution offered has been to create an “open” division for rugby where any and everyone can participate without gender specifications, addressing concerns about inclusivity and safety in one move.

World Rugby, the sport’s international governing body, has already set a precedent by banning biological males from playing with biological females since 2020.

While local clubs may choose to take their own paths, it's essential to have a uniform set of rules to ensure the safety and fairness of all players involved.

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