Frontline workers join forces to highlight harmful policy

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More elected and health officials have been coming out against the harms of lockdowns, isolation and the indiscriminate implementation of broad COVID policies – sounding alarms that they aren’t backed by data or reviewed science. Slowly, the narrative seems to be shifting.

Since the beginning of January, I have interviewed nurse Kristen Nagle twice. Kristen joined forces with Global Frontline Nurses back in the fall of 2020, and has now branched out with fellow nurse Sarah Choujounian to establish Canadian Frontline Nurses. For coming out as publicly opposed to the government’s pandemic response, they have lost their jobs and their licenses are being threatened... Simply for advocating for evidence-based best practices and wanting to ensure that their patients receive the best possible treatment with integrity and compassionate care.

On February 2, Canadian Frontline Nurses released a statement highlighting their first virtual Canadian press conference. Here’s what that said:

Canadian Frontline Nurses Video Exposé

Canadian Frontline Nurses was formed by two courageous Nurses who have decided to take a stand and create a platform for other health care providers to share their stories. The government’s response to COVID-19 is based on an overzealous data model, a fundamentally flawed PCR test run through excessive cycles, complicit parties and an unassuming and trusting population. These mandates and emergency measures are causing more harm than they are preventing, and action must be taken now to protect all Canadians from further harm.

On January 23rd Canadian Frontline Nurses brought together health care professionals from across the country for an unprecedented video recording. These professionals are telling their stories that expose the reality of the incredibly inflammatory and harmful response to the pandemic. They tell stories, of neglect, improper treatment, testing and the lack of care that is the fallout of the extreme measures.

Having worked tirelessly on the front lines they are no longer able to remain silent, and in order to uphold their Oath as Nurses “to do no harm”, they are risking everything; their careers, financial security, friendships, their reputations and personal safety to bring this important message to the world.

The full conference can be found here.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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