Genderless birth certificates slammed as 'woke nonsense'

New NSW Birth Certificates claim to empower LGBTQ+ people by completely removing sex from official documents

Genderless birth certificates slammed as 'woke nonsense'
NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
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The NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry has removed gender from commemorative birth certificates to ‘empower LGBTQ+ people’.

‘Rainbow birth certificate to celebrate diversity in NSW’, announced the official website on March 2.

The colourful certificates, which feature custom-designed ‘genderless’ cartoon animals – have been heavily criticised as ‘woke nonsense’.

This is another step in the appropriation of sex and it will cause harm and confusion for our children,” said Kirralie Smith, an authorised spokeswoman for Binary.

Gender ideology is being imposed in all areas of society and ultimately activists want birth certificates, official documents of identity that rely on facts, to be documents that express feels rather than facts.”

Smith went on to say that, “Gender – the way activists use the term – is more like personality expression. It has nothing to do with biological reality, it is grounded in political ideology.”

These special certificates are issued upon application and form part of an expanding set that includes football-themed certificates.

Amanda Ianna, the NSW Registrar, promoted the decision by saying, “The launch of our Rainbow certificate provides a special way for people to celebrate the birth of a new family member and uplift and empower the LGBTIQA+ community.”

Only 12 people have paid the $41 for the LGBTQ+ birth certificates in NSW, prompting One Nation MP Mark Latham to ask why the state government is wasting time on gender politics. The government is also wasting taxpayer money on the initiative, spending $9,257 on the genderless cartoon animals. $1 from the sale of each certificate is to be given to Twenty10 – a Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service.

According to the Registry, they worked with the Rainbow Family Association to ‘find an artist to create a meaningful and contemporary design that would appear to the LGBTIQA+ community’. They selected Monica Higgins, a Sydney-based artist.

I’ve removed gender from the focus of the illustration to give our rainbow families the freedom to be seen as they wish to be,” said Higgins.

All this virtue signalling in the public sector ends up being a wast of time, a waste of money, and for what? Twelve people out of 7.5 million in the state?” said One Nation MP, Mark Latham. “We just want the public sector to do its day job. It defies what most people would regard as the point of a birth certificate – to identify the individual, their date of birth, and gender.”

It is not the only commemorative birth certificate on offer, with the Registry actively expanding their range to be more ‘inclusive’.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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