Government brags that 2.5% of their vehicle fleet are zero-emission, another 6.1% hybrid

'As of March 31, 2021, the conventional light-duty fleet was composed of approximately 17,800 vehicles, including 450 ZEVs, making up 2.5%, and 1,100 HEVs, making up 6.1%, according to an inquiry of ministry.'

Government brags that 2.5% of their vehicle fleet are zero-emission, another 6.1% hybrid
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Incidentally, the data on the lack of federal use of EVs was published on the Federal government's Net-Zero Day.

The exposure of the Liberal government's hypocrisy on EVs came from a surprising place; the NDP MP for Timmins - James Bay, Charlie Angus.

Angus posed an order paper question about the progress of the Liberals' so-called Greening Strategy of the Federal fleet of vehicles. The federal government recently announced a target of 100% zero-emissions vehicle sales for the consumer market by 2035

However, the government's response to Angus admits the net-zero target for vehicle sales will be hard to meet:

"The rate of ZEV adoption has been constrained by market availability of a supply of suitable vehicles that meet operational requirements. Limited ZEV options currently exist for the larger vehicle types, such as the vans and pickup trucks that make up the majority of the light-duty fleet, and supplies are limited due to ongoing global supply chain issues. ZEV purchases will increase rapidly as more suitable options become available in the market over the next one to three years."

To reject the Liberals' plan to green the economy and how Canadians live in the name of net-zero, please visit

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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