Government censorship backfires as Billboard Chris post goes viral

Australia's taxpayer-funded eSafety Commissioner's attempt to control online speech faces ridicule as it fails to enforce bans effectively.

Government censorship backfires as Billboard Chris post goes viral
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The Australian government's eSafety Commissioner found itself in a powerless predicament as it attempted to police online content.

Chris Elston, known online as 'Billboard Chris,' refused to comply with demands to delete an 'offensive' post about a UN trans expert, despite the threat of a hefty fine.

Even after Elon Musk's X platform geo-blocked the post in Australia, Elston defiantly reposted it, triggering a massive viewership as others joined in making the post go viral.

The eSafety Commissioner, promoted as a 'world's first' in online safety regulation, revealed its powerlessness, admitting it can only act upon new complaints from offended parties to remove subsequent posts.

This revelation led to criticism from political figures, with David Limbrick MP condemning it as a waste of taxpayer money, and Moira Deeming likening it to Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth'.

The commissioner, led by disgruntled former Twitter employee Julie Inman-Grant, faces scrutiny over its hefty budget and its handling of cases involving overseas individuals.

Elston's original post shared a news story about a contentious WHO trans activist, Teddy Cook, leading to a demand for removal by the eSafety Commissioner.

The incident has sparked debates around government throttling of freedom of speech and the role of online regulators in a global context.

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