Gov't overreach BACKFIRES: Manitoba Premier Pallister is most disliked in Canada

Manitoba's premier has violated a basic expectation of democracy. As Brian Pallister called Manitobans who disagreed with his draconian approach to managing the spread of COVID-19 “idiots,” he publicly shamed the business owners who he has unilaterally decided are guilty of not following his orders.

Pallister’s political grandstanding led to at least one of the large fines levelled against Manitoba businesses getting thrown out. More will likely follow suit.

See, in a democracy, the judicial branch of government determines guilt; not the executive branch. Pallister knew this, but decided that press attention was more important to him. It's understandable why — his approval ratings are the worst in the country. In fact, he currently rivals even the lowest approval ratings Donald Trump ever had.

We visited businesses that Pallister named and shamed in a government press release to see how they were faring as enemies of the government.