Halloween banned at Toronto school for “religious,” “cultural” reasons, brought back after outcry


Banning Halloween at a school due to... religious and cultural reasons?

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As Count Floyd would say: “Ooowwooooo! Now, that’s REALLY scary, kids!”

But alas, this was indeed a policy put forward by Karen Thomas, the principal at the Sloane Public School in Toronto.

Rebel visited the school to speak directly with Thomas herself, and interview Ryan Bird, a media relations manager with the Toronto District School Board.

In the name of “inclusion”, Halloween celebrations would be... excluded! Even the word “Halloween” was going to be replaced with the phrase, “A Celebration of Fall.

But a public outcry by parents and members of the public led to Principal Thomas having a change of heart. Thus, Halloween celebrations will indeed go forward at Sloane Public School. Score one for the good guys — and common sense!

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