Halton Regional Police Service — to serve & protect… perverts?!

While visiting Oakville Trafalgar High School to find out more about transgender shop teacher Kayla Lemieux, we got a lesson in the black-themed (and pride-themed) police cruisers in the area.

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You have most likely heard about the controversy that has erupted at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Oakville, Ont. You see, at most schools, drag queen story time is just once a year for a few hours. But at Oakville Trafalgar High School, drag queen story time is every time Ms. Kayla Lemieux is conducting shop class.

Lemieux is allegedly transitioning into a pseudo-female. But talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. That’s because Lemieux now sports a pair of massive prosthetic breasts — each fake boob is about twice the size of a man’s head and approximately 35 lbs. Typically, he wears see-through blouses so as to expose his fake erect nipples. Yes, that sounds like proper school attire for a teacher to don…

Yet the question arises: why would a man hoping to transition into a woman want to turn the end-result into such a grotesque spectacle?

Alas, the educrats at the Halton Region District School Board are not entertaining such questions. Privacy reasons, you understand. In fact, they are committed to standing behind this pervert. And they are even using the police as security guards, because, hey, apparently there is no crime in Halton Region these days…

We visited the school earlier this week and observed a police officer driving a racially-themed “Black Excellence” police cruiser. He told us to get off the school parking lot or be charged with trespassing. We asked why he was driving that particularly themed police cruiser as opposed to a trans-themed police car. It was meant as a joke, but the cop told us with a straight face that, yes, the Halton Regional Police Service does indeed have a Pride-themed cruiser.

No word yet if the HRPS also has cruisers honouring the Asian, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, and Islamic communities — but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before all the police cruisers in Halton Region are rendered unrecognizable.

But maybe somebody needs to phone Crime Stoppers? You know, to tip off the police that they should be doing some police work INSIDE the school? We understand that’s where a sexual pervert is teaching shop to minors, after all…

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